New boss and wave ideas

  • Waves:
  1. Shape list

As you can see, there is a chick gatling and some chickens around it. Chick gun can also be lasers.
The shape of the chickens that make waves can be circle, square, X, etc. In more difficult missions, the number of chicken layers increases. The number of times they attack is 5 times.

  1. Double saucer

In this wave, you will encounter a flying saucer coming from the left, and then you will encounter another flying saucer coming from the right. They start shooting in order. Since the game has 4 types of enemies in the UFO, so each can be used in this wave.

  1. Chicken to chicken
    Working on it…

  1. Bright highlights

In this wave, four mini-bosses come and three chickens stand in front of them

  1. Roll to round

The chickens gather around a barrier. The number of bird circles is 2 and they rotate around the barrier in opposite directions.

  1. Round to roll

Same as “roll to round” wave but chickens spin around a satellite. And number of chicken circle is 3.

  1. Color repair
    To be added…

  1. Three and tree

3 chickens portals from 3 portaler (for 5 times) and they just move to right.

  1. Tree and three

Same as three and tree wave but the portaled thing is eggs and they can change their lines

  1. Dear Gear

Three lvl4 barriers move like “rabbit” barriers and they fire while moving. And in right side there is 6 chickens that they can shuffle randomly. When you killed that 6 chickens, another 6 chickens will come from right side and will repeat this another time after killing the 2nd group (we have 3 groups only)

  • Bosses:
  1. Icy flash


First the boss drops 4 asteroids in locations like +. Then a chicken comes from the top and three chicken spin around the middle one. And it repeats this but faster. At first it do slow.

  1. Magic trick

This boss is a type of big chicken and it is magician. The boss have 3 attacks. Opens 2 wormholes and a mini boss spawn from each of them. The mini bosses got down and then moves to right. The second attack is dropping 4 wastes in 4 location. Like the master squawk. And


man i sure do wonder why there’s a sudden increase in the number of wave ideas once there’s wave updates


This is just an idea. Haven’t you seen anyone suggest a wave. But yeah. Players think their wave will be added one day (such as me).


Added “Dear Gear” wave to topic.
Sorry for bump :pray:t2:


I want add “CK-21 ChickenTerPrise” boss. Looks like iron rotten chicken with cannon from drumstick bones and chicken wobble from that

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