New Booster: Super Cap?

Here is my first idea about adding a new booster.

It would be known as ‘Super Cap’ (Not the final decision).

It works quite similar to the Accumulator and the Damage Amplifier :muscle:.
Here’s how it would look in-game: Please ignore it’s looks, it doesn’t look great.

Charge Level: 0
Charge Level 0
However, on starting it would be 40% full.

Basic Changes:

  1. It would be charged from damaging Bosses, however it would only charge at 45% of it’s normal charging rate.

  2. In terms of Normal Charging, It would be slower than the accumulator. Charging Rate: 75% Of the accumulator.

  3. Will NOT be allowed in competitive missions. You will be disqualified.

  4. About discharging, it would be a one time use per charge. No multiple uses like stopping in mid of the accumulator.

  5. Just like the Accumulator, it would generate no heat when being used. And will not be charged while being used due to obvious reasons.

About it’s usage:

Its fairly easy to use but is a one time use per charge. It will increase your damage output to + 40 with your current power applied , Will fire for approx. 1.5 seconds. Is upgradeable 3 times, Will decrease the charging time, and increase the firing time. IA himself will set this according to his needs.

That’s also the reason why it’s not allowed in competitive missions.
Seems to good to be added? THEN NERF IT.

Charge Level 3:
Charge Level 5:

Well that’s the best I can do, Hopefully it would be added as we only have 2 boosters for now.

What do you think? Please Vote.

  • Should Be added.
  • Should not be added.
  • Too OP.
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Way too apart from balancing, and too similar to Accumulator, but only for boss rush.
Next, boss rush also has some wave that allow you to charge the Accumulator manually (eg: Shoot The Core, Chicken Multi, Expon, etc.) and not except the villains has most pointless enemies that has the same purpose as those I mentioned.

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okay, so here’s my feedback

Er, why does it have a lower charge rate on bosses? Plus, if it works like the accumulator in terms of charge, it’s already going to stop passively charging when the 3rd arrow’s full. Making it slower would make no difference then, since it’s (usually) one enemy you kill.

Unless, you mean it passively charges all the way instead. Then slowing the charge rate down to 45% of “75% of the accumulator’s charging rate” during boss waves? Dear god, that thing’s probably never going to be fully charged.


The max possible power level is 20 fp, and you add 40 more fp?
or you just add 40 damage to each projectile?
or you multiply the damage of your projectiles by 40?
or it sets all projectile damage to 40?
I’m not sure which one it is.

and it only lasts one and a half second at worst

So, by “Charge”, do you mean fully charged? Or each LEVEL of Charge?

Upgradable as in, upgraded in shops? Or different levels of “Charge”?
(referring to your “Charge Level” images here)

If it’s upgradable in Herowares, that’s kind of a strange choice.

Also, how much does it decrease the charge time by, and how much does it increase the boost time? Perhaps specify some values?

Or you know, just don’t add it if you can’t be bothered to put in the effort to balance it at all


So as far as I can understand, it’s a slower charging accumulator, but it’s only useable at max charge (or is it at each level of charge?), and lasts 1.5 seconds with no upgrades (clarification needed).
And it charges 45% slower during bosses, to add to the already 75% slower charge rate than the Accumulator.

As for it’s effect, it adds 40 fp? Or adds 40 damage per projectile? Or multiplies damage by 40 per projectile? Or sets all projectile damage to 40? I’m still not sure which, because:

is kind of a vague description for what the effect is supposed to be.
And, you do not gain any heat for the duration of the boost.

Also, the booster is upgradeable via unknown means. I’m going to take on the assumption that it’s upgraded in Herowares. In which case, it has 3 upgrade levels. Each upgrade level increases charge speed, and boost time, by an unknown amount.

Additionally, this booster disqualifies you from competitive missions. Why not just make it not usable for competitive missions then?

In conclusion…

This booster’s confusing as heck.

Please provide more details for the Upgrades, Boost Effect, Charge Levels, Charge Method, and WHEN it is actually usable.


I agree with everything here and I would also like to ask just what part of this needs to be nerfed because this booster seems worse than accumulator in every way I can see


That was what I meant. It’s a prototype should change a lot before getting it to be added.
upgrading it makes it *almost as good as the accumulator.


One time use on each charge level. on Full charge +40 fp is added to your current power.

Can’t say about the charge time, but it’s usage time should be increased up to 3.5 or 4.5 seconds.

Prototype. You and other users can change this if they can some how balance it. It’s an Idea. Doesn’t mean that it must be added.

Stated above.

Unbalancing is the reason here.

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so you’re just throwing a half-baked idea out there and expecting others to make something of it

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well i am but also not doing that. I too would change it on others suggestions and on my own

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As much as criticism is ok since it is a prototype, you have to at least put in the effort and cover all possible factor to making the thing work without missing component expecting people will understand a work that forgotten how it works. Better get started on polishing or improving your “ideas”. Cause you are missing a lot of important stat details like the drainage rate, the fact that it is banned in competitive with the item having a bad very bad recharge rate. Im still convinced btw that this is a variant to the accumulator.


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