New Auto-use Item: Futuristic Force Field Fan (4F)


Description: Using the latest technology from Humanity’s Greatest Fan, you can now technically create an invisible force field without worrying about violating all the rules of physics and blow back bullets, letting the chickens have a taste of their own eggs while defending yourself with a cool temperature of 26 degrees Celsius
-The item can be bought for 500 keys (highest average income is 125 keys)
-You will have a higher recoil due to the fact that the fan is heavy but you will overheat slower than usual
-You will not die to bullets and eggs but instead, once the eggs reach you, it deflects them back to the chicken that shot with high speed
-After deflecting, there will be a 2-second cooldown which makes players vulnerable to everything
-You will die to crashing into barriers, chickens and all sorts of lasers
-You will not lose the fan after the mission but if you died once, the fan is gone
-You will get a 5% key reduction after the mission if you used it
-It will automatically become junk after 10 missions so selling it in the Aftermarket to gain back 50 keys is a good idea
-Suitable for immediate and advanced players who want to play epic waves and double team
-Can be used for a long time if used carefully
-Can give you huge profit if used correctly
Disadvantages: Not suitable for beginners (trust me, they will lose their keys easily because they can’t play hard missions to gain the keys back)

What do you think, let me know in the comments (I don’t want it to be too OP like Mass Condenser so I have nerfed it so that it fits perfectly with the game)


I think this item is gonna make you overheat slower

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Nice thinking. I should put that in there too

So this deflects projectiles back at chickens?

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Yes, it does

Interesting! :thinking:

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I wanna make it like Dimensional-Phaseout but with more features
I mean this is a 3-in-1 item, it defends you, it deflects bullets and lets you have more time to use the main weapon

Hmm not a bad idea though, what would be really cool or maybe you already said it, it’s that since it’s auto-use it must work when the eggs/projectiles reach your hitbox?

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When you are about to die because of a bullet, it deflects the bullet
I think I have to nerf it a little bit

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Can’t wait to see a hardcore, skill-based game becomes a child’s play


cringiest thing ive ever seen but my opinion doesnt matter anyway

the only skill in this game is the skill of not losing your patience when you encounter like 10 million chickenauts

and dodging i guess but im the ben shapiro of the forums so we ignore all coherent logic

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