New auto-use item: Damage absorber

When playing a difficult mission, chances of dying increases, and when dying, you lose a lot of firepower.
This item will decrease the amount of firepower you lose. Let’s say, you normally lose 4 levels at some point, with this item, you lose 2 levels instead!


I think you lose half of your Firepower when dying, so maybe halving the reduction would work. 1/4 of your firepower would be decreased rather than 1/2 of it.

Without Damage Absorber:
8fp / 2 = 4fp
8fp - 4fp = 4fp

With Damage Absorber:
8fp / 4 = 2fp
8fp - 2fp = 6fp

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It was changed a few versions ago. If you fly an easy mission, you can lose 1 level, and in a hard mission, I can’t exactly remember an exactnumber, but it’s hella big, can be 6 or smth.

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