New anti-cheating measures and steam Proton - is it allowed?

Hi everyone,
I’ve seen that the game now has a system in place to catch cheaters and it is described as strict. I’m not against anti-cheat but I’m concerned about how it affects playing under Proton since I play the game on Linux via Steam. Is playing with Proton allowed and will it cause any penalties?
Thanks in advance.

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The game had an anticheat since the very first version. It’s not one of those popular ones and it’s likely written from scratch, so you shouldn’t worry about it. Proton is the only official way of playing the game on Linux systems and it is not something unsupported.

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Newest version works, just tried it.
In the past I also played it using Bottles and Heroic Games Launcher so it should work with any Wine related software like Lutris or the ones above.

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