(Nevermind) New Lives are overpriced

I have read and I know that there will be changes to the prices on items and I know the game is just in the Early Access phase, testing stuff and everything, but I just wanted to point it out.

Lives are WAY overpriced right now, of course, for a player that has farmed like 100k keys it’s nothing but for new players, getting new lives is a pain, also, in my opinion, you should make it so that you start all missions with a default minimum of 3 lives, if not that then at least 2 because it’s one mistake and you’re out when you can’t afford lives.

UPDATE: Ok so actually I was wrong, I thought one life was 50 keys but actually a pack of 10 lives is 50 keys, so nvm the price is fine. (in my opinion, of course)


Personally I don’t think 5 keys per life is overpriced.
The game is not that hard, and you earn quite a lot of keys even from easy missions. Also, the unoriginality penalty doesn’t apply to keys, so if you don’t care about score you can just play the same mission a few times until you get enough keys to buy the pack.

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A life is 50 keys. I remember one time seeing one at 87 keys or something. Even some weapons are cheaper than 87 keys.

Actually, it’s 50 keys for a pack of 10 lives.


My bad haha, I need to pay more attention in the future

and it’s cheaper in local shop