Mysterious Ship Hardcore Mode + Reflection

Well, since in Universe, the 6 ray mysterious ship is already hard enough. How about making them even more than a fomidable foe? On 75% difficulty+, the egg beam will begin to rotate clockwise, making you have to lean through it’s gaps to survive. However, to make it easier, the beam rotation is slow so that it’s wouldn’t compress you into a deadly situration where your spacecraft can get squished. Also, make the Mysterious Ship having different reflection depends on what the space background and the spacecraft is so it’s look like a mirror but it’s just shiny metallic ship tbh.

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This is a suicide to play this one.


Like that but the beam is slower for well, fareness.

Double Team killer:


double team players will hate you


slaps roof of egg
this bad boy can yeet so many unprepared double team runs

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Chicken Invaders Universe, But HARDCORE MODE. (minecraft reference)

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Double team will never be the same anymore

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i do not play double team, at all, but this is just too overkill for those people.


The Mysterious Ship is hell in double team without roatating, so if the idea will accept so, Mysterious Ship should be removed from touble teams

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When people begin skill issue. Just kidding. But I would like to see if dodge god like @OrvilleTheOrca or @MaybeOrandzaIdk can outrun this. Besides, it’s just something that can challenge those who are prepared for it tbh. And also read all my ideas detail before you guys comment. I see people talk about the beam but not the reflection tbh.

About “Double Team” it’ll be difficult if it does this, may cause failure. So don’t do that kind of thing.

You’ve already answered your own question:

That would require a ridiculous number of textures, even if didn’t account for spacecraft customisation.

True. #RemoveMysteriousFromDoubleTeam when?

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