My weapon ideas for CIU

IMPORTANT: I’m planning to redesign these ideas in the near future, please give me suggestions on how to improve these weapons.

(no images because I didn’t have time to make them :man_shrugging:, if anybody can make them, please post them, it would be greatly appreciated)

NOTE: Damage values are not set in stone, for the developers, feel free to change them if you decide to implement them

So, for the last couple of years I’ve had tons of ideas for various weapons for future Chicken Invaders games, and now I have decided to share them with you! Please leave feedback and let me know if these need improvement, are unoriginal or just plain bad.


(if this doesn’t fit in Chicken Invaders, then I can change it into a plasma gun, or something, if you guys want)

This first weapon idea is a simple one, the Machine Gun works similar to the Riddler, being a fast rate bullet gun (and yes, legitimate bullets, and this one has a different attack pattern, to be decided later), being capable obliterating most weak enemies. This weapon would look like silver bullets (or the same color as the Utensil Poker) and would leave behind the caps of the bullets when it shoots.

It’s gift color would be Coal Gray, and its damage would be in between the Ion Blaster and Laser Cannon. Its sound effects would be that of a gun.

However, the Machine Gun has one main weakness, mechanical-type enemies would be resistant to this weapon, meaning that the Machine Gun would do less damage to mechanical enemies, as a nice twist to this.


The name says it all, the Icicle Launcher shoots shattered icicles at the enemies, being capable of piercing through the weakest enemies, and shattering when they hit a strong surface like a metallic object. So just like the previously mentioned Machine Gun this weapon is not pretty effective on metal objects. I’m also thinking of a particle effect when the icicles shatter, similar to the Corn Shotgun.

The gift color would be Ice Blue and White, and damage values would be slightly lower than the Utensil Poker. Its sound effects would also be similar to the Utensil Poker, with an icier filter.


Just like the other two, the name is literal, the Shooting Star is composed out of golden stars, just like the Ion Blaster it has good spread, allowing it to clear obstacles easily. My intent for the Shooting Star was to always shoot in 5 directions, but if that isn’t necessary, I can always change it.

The gift of this weapon would be golden, the damage is similar to the Photon Swarm, and the sounds would be echo-y (not really set in stone)


Inspired by @Sammarald’s Solar Blast (you can find it here, btw: [Weapons] Solar Blast & Egg Launcher), the Atomic Blast is a charging-type weapon. Holding down the fire button would charge up the weapon, which in return, creates heat, releasing the button would fire it. Now, unlike the Solar Blast, the Atomic Blast would be an instant, something like the Laser Cannon, but a charged variation, at higher power levels the damage would increase, but the charging time would be less reliable.

The gift would be yellow and green, the weapon itself would be a yellow-green version of a full Laser Cannon shot (being thicker depending on the charge of the shot), and as for the sound, I imagine the fire sound being more like an actual blast (again, got nothing), the charging would be said blast charging up.


(IMPORTANT: This weapon is intended for late game players because it’s OP, it would have a high key cost and would spawn at a high tier)

Just with that would mean that this weapon isn’t worth it, BUT IT IS!!! The Supernova Striker is intended (as mentioned above, as a late game weapon) to be strong. It’s firing mechanism would be identical to most auto-fire weapons (a constant blast), pretty much very few enemies can survive this weapon.

HOWEVER (only implement if possible!), the Supernova Striker has a drawback for its overpowerd-ness, you see, it overheats QUICKLY (as quick, or slightly slower or even faster than the Plasma Rifle), and it also has a chance to kill you! 25% to be precise.
To explain this: When the Supernova Striker overheats, the weapon has a 25% chance of vaporizing you entirely, making this an OP and unstable weapon to use.

The looks of this weapon would be an orange energy beam, the gift would be said color with a gold or silver ribbon, sound effects can be reused from the Henterprise, and as for damage, well, it tops off everything that’s already in the game.


This last weapon idea (I have two more, but we’ll save those for later!) is based on the Retro Invaders and their projectiles, so sound effects would also come from such. The Pixel Blaster is sharp, but only most enemies can resist this.

The gift would be dark green and regarding damage, it would be slightly weaker than the Neutron Gun.

So, what do you think about these weapons?

  • They’re great!
  • They’re good, but they could use some changes
  • They’re okay
  • Meh
  • They’re bad!
  • Unoriginal
  • They should NEVER be added to the game
  • I only want one of these to be added to the game (reply to specify)
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riddler can fill the machineguns place.

Oops, I realized I made a mistake with the poll :sweat:
Will try to fix later

EDIT: Here’s a new one anyway:

What do you think of these weapon ideas?

  • They’re great!
  • They’re good, but they could use some changes
  • They’re okay
  • Meh…
  • They’re bad!
  • Unoriginal
  • These should NEVER be added to the game
  • Only one should be added to the game (reply to specify)

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Never noticed that the two weapons are similar, I’m planning to change the latter pretty soon.