My weapon idea

my weapon idea is ice rays. Other variation of laser cannon, this weapon reduces 10% enemy bullet speed, 5% with bosses, Weapon damage increases as enemies get closer to gun barrel

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Any picture of it ?

what’s the weapon group for it

(imho) This weapon would be more suitable if it got added to the game as a satellite actually.

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its in ice group, new weapon element in ciu

sorry, i dont know how to draw, like i said, it is other variation of laser cannon, instead of orange, the weapon is blue

how about bio group

well , i dont think ice rays is bio

I have 2 ideas of new weapons lasers beams from the yolk star or from space crab

But I feel poor for that since in Universe, Bird-Flu Gun is the only one in the group (corn changed to non-aligned), also suffering limited ammos. If that doesn’t happen, Bird Flu might be changed to non-aligned as well

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