My wave ideas #9

Sorry about the delay. More wave ideas now!

Wave Idea #1: Saturn Droids

A group of Droids, carrying some bubbly food, that revolve like a ring around a barrier sphere. At the same time, the ring also rotates. How can a wave even be a planet? What are the odds?

Wave Idea #2: Hammer Swing

A portal that spawns a swinging hammer. Droids again, you’ve guessed it. But this time, they use bubbly food as a shield. Your chance is when the hammer is raised on the left or right. Stop! Hammertime, Hammer Swing, Time is Swinging away! Hasten!

Wave Idea #3: It’s Shower Time!

Based on Oops, Wrong Exit!, this portal spawns a shower of enemies, some of them ricocheting on the walls. Once landing onto the floor, the enemies will fly back to the portal as a way to exit the wave. This shower wave was made to destroy trespassing pilots, not actually to clean their spacecraft (that would explain the excessive, menacing egg laying).

Wave Idea #4: Black Hole Traffic

Let’s just say Chickens got inspired by Droids to create this wave. It’s the same, except that the enemies are in groups of many, do not carry any food, and take paths that work differently (the picture above being an example). Rumors tell that a few pilots once tried travelling through these blackholes and, as a result, either got permanently lost or crashed into enemies. Stupid, but brave and never forgotten.

Wave Idea #5: Stellar Croissants

Five Egg Drones that form a star in the middle of the screen. The barriers turn the rectangular screen into a square one to balance all five slices. Use the anomaly zones to get rid of the rotating croissants. It’s High Moon!

Wave Idea #6: Portal Wheel

A rotating wheel made of four portals. The wheel also moves from right to left, and the other way around. Each portal spawns revolving enemies three times, and every time all the enemies are taken out, more enemies spawn out of all the portals at the same time. Not as hard as Spawner Spinner, right?

Wave Idea #7: Star Strike

Very similar to Panzer Strike, but the enemies are shaped like stars (the grey lines are barriers). Each star is equpped with five neutron barriers. Doom emerges if you rate this wave less than 5 stars.

Wave Idea #8: Spatial Winter

Note: I finished this wave idea a few days before Fractorial posted something similar in his wave idea topic. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that. And since I didn’t want to scrap my work here (considering how cool it looks like), I decided to post it as my version of his snowflake wave. Perhaps both our versions would be combined into an upcoming wave in CIU? But if only one of our versions can be approved by IA, it should be Fractorial’s because he posted his version first.

First option:

Second option:

Is it getting cold here? Or is it just me? Hold on, this phrase is already taken…

Flying chill for a cold reception? Yeah, you heard me! This wave works just like Red Pill, Blue Pill, but the medication is off and the winter is on! Cook the bad guys or be frozen like a popsicle!

Wave Idea #9: The Chandelier

A swinging chandelier based on Playground (there probably aren’t enough enemies in the picture, but it’s only a wave concept). This chandelier is built with three floors. Each floor that is cleared will unlock the next one, until the last floor is clean and, as a result, poofs the remains of the chandelier out of existence. It’s beautiful, but don’t get distracted by it!

Wave Idea #10: Puzzle Madness

Enemies that come out of the outside to form squares like puzzles. Horizontally, vertically, diagonally. As you exterminate them, more enemies come in to form more squares. Watch your back, sides and head!

Wave Idea #11: Catch Of The Day

Very similar to Lethal Connections, but enemies are fishing for fish! It all begins with one fish grabbing a hook with its mouth. Once grilled, two more fish appear. And after being toasted, another three fish come out of the water. No, there’s no water, just space. So how can fish breath in space?

Wave Idea #12: Droid Wall

Works just like Portal Wheel (check Wave Idea #6 for more information), but you constantly have to switch sides to avoid getting crushed by this Droid wall. Each side has an anomaly zone that can help you against the wall. Wall done, Droids!

Wave Idea #13: Egg Drone Intersection

‘‘Egg Drone Satellites’’ that shoot lasers in four directions each. On top between the satellites, enemies stand. It’s a measure to ensure this wave doesn’t get boring unlike the Egg Drone waves from CI3. Make Egg Drones Great Again!

Wave Idea #14: Cluckwise

A wave constructed with clock gears (barrier-made with quality!) The red arrows show how the gears work (some turn right, the others turn left), therefore they also describe the enemy paths. There are four enemy paths, each having a starting (entrance) and finishing (exit) portals: 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 and 4-1. And don’t worry about the electrifying beams, they’re just an adjustment to prevent players from cheesing the wave.

Be quick! Time is flying…

Wave Idea #15: Something Smells Fishy Here…

Fish that swim in space in a loop from right to left, holding fishing ropes with their mouths. The fishing ropes flicker (electric beams). Gotta catch 'em all!

Wave Idea #16: Portal Radar

A counterclockwise clock made with a barrier circle, and three portals that form a clock hand. The portals, while counterclockwise, will slowly spawn enemies. But as long as you properly use the anomaly zones, you won’t be lost (stuck) in time!

Wave Idea #17: Marble Race

This wave is purely inspired by marble races (you can watch on YouTube to understand the concept). Additionally, it is pretty similar to Effervescence. The difference is, the enemies don’t have bubbles, and each follows a random trajectory through the ‘‘parkour’’. And there are electric beams to prevent you from cheesing the wave, so… have fun with this marble rumble!

[Special] Wave Idea #18: Pillow Fight!

I’ve had a lot of fun creating this wave idea. Very simple, and introduces a new enemy item: Pillows! It can only be encountered in Feather Fields missions, its size varies, and each pillow contains its drops that are released upon destruction (and also gives points). Most contain danger, but the others contain ‘‘goodies’’. You’ll see. Oh, and orange bomb blasts can explode pillows too, just so you know.

By default, pillows would be white to keep them surprises. But in the case I’ve added different colors, each representing its unique drops. Here’s the summary:

Red = Terminator Phoenix Chickens
Gold = Chests
Yellow = Coins that fall
Lime = Terminator Toxic Chickens
Cyan = Terminator Chiller Chickens
Blue = Terminator Coward Chickens
Purple = Satellite
White = Egg Shells that spread
Light Gray = Explosion of feathers
Gray = Rogue Missile that goes after you for a few seconds before automatically exploding
Dark Gray = Gun/Laser Chick


Very Nice Ideas


All of these ideas are nice.I hope iA will add them to the game soon.

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