My wave ideas #4

New wave ideas! Finally!

Wave Idea #1: Kite Chickens

Yeah, they’re enemies forming flying kites (although there isn’t wind in space). And they can glide toward the bottom as a way to attack you, so watch out! But barrier bombs exist, so it’s not something to panic about. Fly safely!

Wave Idea #2: Surprise Bubble

Too bad ‘‘Tangled Mess’’ is the only wave with a giant bubble. So I made this wave. But in this case, you’d have to destroy all the eggs and enemies inside before the giant bubble releases more enemies. Yes, the eggs and enemies spin. For fairness.

Wave Idea #3: Chicken Pizza

Unsatisfied with your ‘‘Chicken Burger’’? Wait, please, don’t tell my boss! I need the money to live and eat! Here, how about this Chicken Pizza instead? It simply appears and sometimes scatters into slices before reforming. Deal?

Wave Idea #4: Rise and Shine!

Nothing better than watching a sunrise and rising chickens, right? Well, this ‘‘chicken rise’’ loops until all enemies are killed.

Wave Idea #5: Feather Roadblocks

Roadblocks on you way! They’re covered with feathers, but still destructible. And chickens trying to get on your way too! Make sure to bring some good firepower.

Wave Idea #6: Single Feelings

Another wave based on ‘‘Single Digits’’. Looks weird, but looks fine. Uh, can anyone send me yellow/red barrier ball pictures, please? Still can’t find on the Wiki.

Wave Idea #7: Bubble Dance

The bubbles work just like in ‘‘Effervescence’’. But this time, the bubbly enemies infinitely form a frame around you. Take all of them out so that the two chick guns become vulnerable. (Wait, can chick guns actually stay inside bubbles without popping them?)

Wave Idea #8: Traffic Trouble

I know. It looks hardcore on the pictures. But it’s just a way to show the concept of this wave. Basically, you dodge and destroy vehicles driven by (looped) enemies. Use the anomaly zones wisely and DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT ASKING THEM FOR A LIFT TO THE NEAREST SPACE BURGER!

Wave Idea #9: Stacking Containers

Boxes fall from the top and you need to destroy them. Once done, more boxes fall from the top. And after dealing with that, even more boxes fall from the top. You’re lucky I included safe zones, or else you would be crushed and therefore not be able to deliver a good performance.

Wave Idea #10: Chicken Boomerang

It’s a boomerang. It spins. The Sender’s favorite activity. My advice: Destroy the boomerang quickly.

:warning: More wave ideas coming very soon! :warning:

May the Stars always shine beside you!


i realy love them


Use Paint I thought all balls are green and they turn yellow then red if you damage them?



Yeah, I already knew that… And thanks for the advice, I’ll just try coloring those!

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I’d rather name it “Stacking Containers” or “Tower Blocks” or something similar. Remind me of a childhood game looked like this:


Cool man!

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Which name would fit better?

  • Stacking Containers
  • Tower Blocks
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what about Chicken Engineering?


For the sun, use the a) Henterprise attacks in Hend Game or b) Dyson Spheres

Also, how do the enemies behave when out of eggs in Surprise Bubble? Still spinning?

Great ideas!

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I’ll find a way, but thanks anyway.

They just fly everywhere, they don’t keep spinning once out of the eggs.


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Insane creativity Starbro’!


Rise and Shine Recruit Freeman


How long did it take you to make these wave ideas and stuff?

You know me, pal!

Oh, Shiny!..

Wait, where did you get the Sun from?

Takes (kind of) forever.

I butchered the game in the backroom


Alright, changed from ‘‘Storage Boxes’’ to ‘‘Stacking Containers’’.

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The wave that you polled a name for it, it looks like chickens building or engineering flats. So I choose the name “Chicken Engineering”.


It’s already in the InterAction Studios Wiki:

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Done. And it looks way better now.

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