My wave ideas #2 (10 new wave ideas!)

Hello, friends! I told you I’d be back with some brand new wave ideas. My first wave idea topic had only 3, therefore I went for 10 this time! It’s better this time, trust me! More creativity, more interest.

As usual, the little colored circles represent enemies while the white ovals are eggs. Eggs as shields, not as projectiles. The rest is very recognizable. Yeah, I tried downloading that free digital painting software from its official website, but it didn’t work. That’s why.

For now, let’s stop waiting, and let’s start looking into my 10 new wave ideas!

Wave idea #1: Single Shapes

Basically, this wave is entirely inspired by the ‘‘Single Digits’’ wave, but they’re shapes instead of digits. Could be triangles, squares, rhombuses, circles, rectangles, ovals, etc. This wave idea might already have been suggested in the past, I don’t know. Here are a few examples:

Wave idea #2: Chicken Egg Burger

A chicken egg burger! Colored toppings are enemies while white ovals are eggs containing either more enemies or coins. It’s on Space Burger (it’s free)! Enjoy!

Wave idea #3: Chicken Egg Submarine Sandwich

A wider version of the ‘‘Chicken Egg Burger’’ wave idea, basically. Again, on the house! Is it a dream?

Wave idea #4: Mystery Egg Wheel

They say Spin the Wheel, but I say Spin the Eggy Wheel instead! A wheel essentially made with egg shields that move, forming circles. They contain fair prizes, FAIR! Either chickens (variable types), aliens (blue or green) or coins. On the center of the wheel is a satellite container, A.K.A. the big jackpot you’re aiming for! Go for it! Advice: Do not leave it for last!

Wave idea #5: Hourglass Trouble

Inspired by the name of Frac’s wave idea, ‘‘The Sands of Time’’, I decided to craft hourglasses! All you need to do is hit the destructible barriers and they will come out. Each enemy killed empties its hourglass by a very little bit. Make haste!

Wave idea #6: Must’ve Been The Wind…

‘‘Swimming in Space’’ and ‘‘Do the Backstroke!’’ combined with ‘‘Mars Attacks!’’, but this time, lines fly like in the wind. Crazily. Nothing else to add here.

Wave idea #7: Mean Chicken Machine

Inspired by the video game ‘‘Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine’’, this wave consists of each chicken line falling from above and you passing through it. Since they pile up at the bottom, a gravity zone is gifted to you!

Wave idea #8: Beep-Boop!

We already have an amazing wave ‘‘Among Us’’, but what about FNF? Pffft, easy. Arrows going from the bottom to the top, exiting the screen if not entirely destroyed in time. You only die if an enemy kills you, but not if you miss too many arrows. Logic.


Wave idea #9: Bubble Rise

I’ve always been fascinated by the Bubbles Screensaver, therefore I made this wave. Enemies appear from the bottom, protected by bubbles that sometimes disappear, sometimes reappear, and pile up on top of the screen. Bubbly!

Wave idea #10: The Pyramid

Shoutout to the person who had their wave ‘‘The Treasury’’ added in-game. Thanks to them, I was inspired enough to come up with something dangerous, but cool! A pyramid. Yeah, you heard me. A pyramid. Inside this pyramid are kept safe three satellite containers by chickens, and two chick gatling guns/laser cannons on corners. Curse them, or be cursed by them!

Thanks for reading, comments are appreciated! If you want to, you can remaster my wave ideas using the free painting software or Photoshop to make them look better and clearer…

Hopefully @InterAction_studios likes my wave ideas!


Good waves but why you aren’t able to replace these dots with chickens or something like that? you do not have any picture editing software?


I specified the reason below:

Of course, there’s no way I’m buying a membership to use Photoshop for that. And even though I tried downloading the free digital painting software from its official website, it kept me turning in circles… But still,

I apologize.

1 Like exist since you could’ve used that software

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Now, this is another website. And it shows many other links. Confusing.

You know what, how about someone sends me screenshots or a video of a reliable process to download that free painting software? Because first, @trueuser gave me a link that makes me turn in circles, now @Rabbit_Dude has given me a different one that contains many others, and that’s confusing. And second, if I truly want to download something quite similar to Photoshop for free, I definitely don’t want to download it from a suspicious/hazardous website. Otherwise, it would just keep downloading random, untrustworthy softwares (including different antivirus ones that we should not rely on). That’s what happened to me, although I was able to uninstall those softwares.

So, Rabbit, to answer your reply with an ultimate response, I do wish to have the painting software like you guys, but I will only start using it once I have my answer. A video or screenshots, please. Thank you.





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woah there my dude, get a tea :tea:

He didn’t mean to have this text turn into a clickable link. I’ve worked around that by typing this:


And the result is what you see in my first sentence.
The official website is indeed, but the path to downloading the darn thing isn’t too obvious. First click the link below “Get it now (free download)”, then you’ll see a table at the bottom of the page. In the ‘Download’ column, click the dotPDN image. Eventually, you’ll arrive at this page. It goes without saying that the final step for downloading the installer is to click the link at the top-right.

Hope this helps and you enjoy using pdn! :smile:


Professionals use Microsoft PowerPoint for photo editing, it also offers animation options.


but it isnt photo manipulation software with layers and effects

It is designed for making presentations, yes, but it does have layers too. You can choose which object appears ahead of which, but I won’t go into too much detail here (maybe except in PM).

yeah but when an object gets lost in a lower layer, it gets covered and its hard to get it up

Thanks a lot, @KnockoffFeline ! :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Man, calm down. You did give me the right link to the right website, I’ll give you that. But you did not actually describe the entire process that allows someone to download the free software, unlike Feline did for me this time.

Isn’t PowerPoint a Pay To Use software? Like, a membership? I’m not paying, I’m not using. But thanks for the support!

Anyway, now that the problem has been solved, I will soon start using the free painting software to remaster every wave idea in this topic and from the previous one. I’ll also use it for my upcoming wave idea topics!

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i pirate all microsoft and adobe products

Are you trying to get into trouble?

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no one cares, there’s only 5% (or less) of the population here uses non-pirated windows

Fact understood. But let’s go back to the main topic here, shall we?


I do not mean you to click it when I wrote that which I probably meant this


It’s ok.


@Starbrockle I forgot to tell about a worldwide free photo and a video (not really) editor that may helps how to make your waves more better and not really confusing. It has a premium offer but that unlocks several useless things you won’t need in the future. Make sure to setup the Custom size of the wave picture (LengthXWidth).
Don’t wanna go off-topic that far so there is tutorials of it on youtube so you can learn.

Here is it:
(do not worry about how big is the link lol)

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Thank you!