My take on the heavy bombers

Vacation boi,missing for two months,now back.

As a keyboard player,I find that the Heavy Bombers have the exact same fluency that the Muller
and HC models have.This makes maneuvering jets kinda useless,in my opinion.

I say,the Heavy Bombers speed be reduced.

Also,they could take two eggs instead of one to explode.

They could go faster the longer you hold a movement button.

  • Forget it
  • Good
  • Some improvements needed.

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I could take as the maximum movement speed while playing on keyboard shouldn’t be faster than when navigate via mouse.

I’d prefer a new keybind that make the ship either go slower or faster, although it’s been requested as I remember.

What??? The speed is already way too slow. Just no.

Or maybe increase the speed of the regular ships

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