My Suggestions For CIU

I really excited for CIU but i have suggestions that can make the game even better and players will not get bored from playing it for a long time.

1.No Pay To Win.
Yes, we should not be allowed to buy keys to progress through the story/missions or buy upgrades,weapons that are too overpower.Keys must be only use for unlockables that only change the look of the game/ship just like previous games.

2.Co-op Missions.
Just Like Previous Games,co-op should return.Playing alone can be fun but playing with others is even better. I have this new idea that you can join your friend on their mission anytime if you want to.

3.Unexpected Random Events

While you are travelling in space, unexpected random events can occur such as space chicken pirate attacks that steal your keys when you lose,getting drag into NPC space battles that will reward you keys if you complete it and running into a random player that you can join their mission to help.

4.Special Events Missions
Special Events Mission such as Xmas,Halloween,summer,Easter that will reward you exclusive event items .

That’s all i would like to suggest.
(Sorry if i make a grammar mistake as my native language is not English.)


I agree with all of this.

Progressing through missions with keys likely won’t happen, and #2 won’t be possible in the initial release and for the next few months after that.