My stupid boss idea: Blast from the past, but there's big surprise in it!

The boss is going to be Mother-Hen Ship. Just normal Mother-Hen Ship, and if you destroy the ship, it will summon random bosses. (except gigantic bosses such as Egg Cannon, Planet Egg City, and Bossa Nova) And then the screen will zoom out if the boss was too big tho.



imagine chicken invaders toys inside it
that would be cool.


so chicken multiplicity but with other bosses?
not sure about that,just imagine special forces and mysterious ship getting spawned
that would be a double team moment.


One random boss, essentially making it two: the ship and whatever it drops.


Ferb, I know what boss idea we’re gonna suggest!

I mean, there were some normal enemies in those small eggs like Chickens, Chicks, small U.C.O and U.F.O. So why don’t there were some boss wave where if you break that giant egg, it will spawn some random boss.

Basically, double team except the players only fight 1 bosses at a time.

Well i guess, there will be 4 bosses then. 2 Mother-Hen Ship from CI3 and 2 random bosses spawned from The egg tho.
I’m talking about double team.

What about in competitive missions ? If you got "chicken multiplicity " and you make high points , but another player got “show em who’s boss” etc ? you can get high points from "chicken multiplicity " but another player can get less points from “show em who’s boss” (or etc) .

Okay, then my boss idea should only stay in planet and double team mission then. (yeah i have no clue anyway, since my brain was ant-sized)

Or what about that is everyone who are playing competitive mission , then all will get same boss. but in planet missions , you will get random boss.

The hero when see the kinder:bro i hot hungry i need to go to spaceburger it looks like fries

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