My PC erased all of my CIU progress after a restart

I did a small restart to my computer to complete some antivirus work. And then after that when I opened up my CIU to play, all data got reset. 1.3 billion points, 4k keys and 167 days of playing gone, is there anyway I can fix this?


How long have you been playing? Since what version?

Check C:/Program data (it’s hidden)/InteractionStudios . If CIU folder is deleted, you need to ask IA to recover your data. If the CIU folder and it’s subfolders are still exist, Check below post:


Create a new account and play until it has a callsign. Then send iA a message telling him to move your data from your lost account to the new one, make sure to also tell him your old callsign and your new one

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