My own game mode idea


Hardcore Mode
This mode is only for pros, when you started the hardcore mode, you will have 3 lifes, and all enemies and bosses has double health, and you need to obtain twice as much food to get missile, when you completed this mode you will get grand prize
Unlockables cannot be here on this mode if some unlockables are enabled
(This is my last idea)


Wasn’t this already implemented in ci5 as unlockables?


Its amazing idea, if this can be added into a game I’m sure to join into this mode.


The unlockables from ci5 just leave you at 1 live as far as I remember


I don’t like the fact that everything would have double health. It would make all of the missions way too long.


It would be better if it changed more stuff, for example giving enemies new attacks, because this would just be boring.


I hope interaction studio will see it


If it was boring then no one will play this mode probably


Hardcore mode can save progress if you are tired to play this mode


Yeah,and? That doesn’t change the fact that it would waste way too much time.


I prefer to win at harcore or superstar hero mode, than rookie or veteran. I just dont love the short battles


Wait,would hardcore mode be a separate difficulty or would it be like the scoring unlockables?


There will be only 1 unlockable scoring on this mode which is called “Halve Missiles”


Um,that’s ABSOLUTELY not what I asked. Is it going to be like another difficulty,or what?


No it will be not another difficulty.


Umm,ok. Well,I’m done with this conversation.


Don’t think there are enough differences between ‘hardcore mode’ and CI5 SSH + Unlockables for the mode to really be worth the time to implement or play.


I absolutely agree with you.


Sorry everyone, but i have to cancel this idea, orandza was right