My Opinion on Some Waves Part 3

For now, I’ve regained a tiny bit of interest back in CIU, but I’m probably gonna be leaving once again in only a week or two. Consider this a cameo appearance.

But while I am here, I’mma continue on with my thoughts on yet more waves.


  1. Yin and Yang /Yang and Yin: A fun wave with lots of chickens, enough room to dodge and a cool design. It especially gets chaotically fun with minibosses, while still being fun to fight against. One of the best waves added in CIU imo.

  2. Gladiator: A wave that had the potential to be pretty cool, but is limited by the lack of variety in minibosses in CIU. Still, it does require decent maneuvering skills, so it’s hardly the worst wave.

  3. Among Us: You know the execution has strayed too far from the original concept when there are more assassin chicks than ninja chicks. It also makes missions miserable for players with crowd control weapons eg; Lighting, Utensil, Ion, Photon, etc. I do not like this one.

  4. Elevator Action: The narrow space between columns of invincible barriers makes it tedious, especially against bombers with Corn Shotgun, Riddler and other high-recoil weapons. There aren’t many enemies either so overall, not a fan.

  5. Ribbit: Yet another wave I despise. Sure destroying the first layer of enemies is fun, but destroying those UFO’s on the top is tough and either requires you to get up close, or wait for an opening. At least it’s easier to make those openings now…

  6. Bullet Rain: A regular zoom stops this wave from being one of the greats. As it is, it does push your dodging skills rather hard, with those UFO’s and gatlings/lasers.

  7. Tag, You’re it!: The small zoom and four anomaly zones make it quite easy for one t face the wrong direction and waste time as you reorient yourself. Couple that with your ship being surrounded by chickens, and you have a hell of a time clearing it out. If the wave was larger and the borders for anomaly zones were more clearly defined, then I’d like this wave.

  8. The Honeycomb Conjecture: The metal barriers make it sturdier than most waves, and also makes this wave quite a lot more satisfying to destroy. If I had to critique it, I’d probably say, it could just a few random variations of honeycomb formations that could differ from other Honeycomb Conjecture waves, like how numerical digits act in Single Digits. Otherwise, a pretty good wave.

  9. Cherry Bomb: Small, yet fun with bite sized chunks of chickens being blown apart by bombs. This is a case where intermediate difficulty makes for the most satisfying encounters with low difficulty being too easy to shred apart, and high difficulty making chickens much sturdier against the bomb blast.

  10. Intergalactic Delivery/Guaranteed Delivery: Is very similar to Supply Droids/Lines, except you kinda have to watch your movement since you could get hit by a convoy as it shows up from a portal. Dislike this one for being a rather obvious rehash.

  11. Retro Highway: Far from the most innovative wave, but lots of enemies on a wave is always fun to me, even if they lead to a lot of deaths.


  1. The Treasury: Urgh, The fact that you really have to dodge those gatlings/lasers in such a confined space before you manage to clear the three satellite containers makes it a pain in the ass. It is especially painful on multiplayer where you can’t easily predict the aiming of those guns along with bad ping issues.
    Once you do destroy the containers though and reorient yourself, it actually becomes a fun wave where you exact your revenge on those guns and take out a bunch of barriers along as well.

  2. Skyscrapers/Demolition Crew: Despite being a large wave with lots of chickens, I rather despise it since you have to get in between those buildings to reorient yourself, setting yourself up for getting hit with only a small reaction time window. If the space between the buildings were increased, I’d grow to like this wave more.

  3. Symphony No.1 in C Major: A decent wave with musical note formations, not really more to say tbh.

  4. Conveyor Belt: Still has the problem of being a bit too cramped, but at least you can clear out much more space with its less hindersome design, and the greater number of enemies.

Part 4 will come out eventually, don’t ask me for a deadline tho.

As always, May the Forks be with you all!


I mean, i would love to see more honeycomb forms as well, i might do a topic about variations


Same here, maybe there could be variations that look more fortified with gatlings/lasers.


The true bee hive

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Trapped!, Fortress, and Treasury are among some of the hardest levels out there. Tight spaces do not mix well with gun enemies.

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