My Opinion in Multi-player Feature

Hi there i am returning in a new topic :slightly_smiling_face: how are you all ? I would say my opinion in multi-player opinion and how would it work !

When should multi-player option available ?

After IA adds this. The multi-player option should be available when you accept contact request or the recruit accepts you contact request . You must unlock it it should cost 675 keys :key:

How should it work ?

After accepting request a message should appear after you click (create team) click on confirm ! ( only with features appear). Every day you login and one of you in team recommends to the other to join a mission. You can accept or decline that is you choice

How many players ?

Must be up to 2 players. You can manually create a team. Neither automatically nor obligation!

Thanks for InterAction Studios for making game interesting!

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Like in episodes? Read F.A.Q.

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