My next three satellite ideas

I present more ideas for satellites because why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  1. Taser (Chickflesh): fires electric projectiles that are pressure dependent.
    projectiles after contact with an obstacle or chicken hits the nearest objects around it.

small bullet- 3 chickens
medium bullet- 6 chickens
large bullet - 10 chickens

the larger the projectiles you fire, the more energy is lost

  1. Icicle Cannon- shoots single long icicles that break through every possible obstacle and deals heavy damage

  2. Mini positron streat- the beam automatically targets every obstacle and chickens but deals little damage

what do you think of this idea?


You know you could just add another slash so you’ll get a better results of this little thing

Soz for the Off-Topic but uhh… Just needed to clarify thats all

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truly? ah thank you for this beautiful advice :smiley:
(and seriously it does not fully copy this emote so I put another sign)

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