My new boss idea: CK-01s

Introducing my new boss idea
CK-01s Henterprise (a.k.a CK-01 Henterprise’s brother, maybe)

Let’s see the hitbox!

And this is the way it works.

I try my best to show you in detail.
Hope you like it. Thank you for spending time with me. Have a nice day!
Love you all.


Phase 3 is the last one right? It seems impossible tho.

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It still looks fun and cool to me

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your skill is possible, bro

I like how you can see him coming from a distance

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Hitboxes can only be cone shape or circle because of engine limitations, you need to note that.


And they are fun


Its seem one of the hardest boss there, im sure this will only apear on high difficulty.

The boss looks like mega star destroyer.


Getting touhou vibes.


thank you. yah, i know. but that’s dev job as well as their decisions. they can put hitbox anywhere in the areas I marked.

Is it based on a model of the Enterprise that I don’t know about? Because otherwise it doesn’t match the parody.

The fight itself looks fun, though - phase 2 looks crazy, and phase 3 looks… um… can smeone explain to me what you’re supposed to do there? :joy:


Holy crap, not even Enter the Gungeon has these levels of hardness lol. I like it!


I remember this spaceship! It’s one of my personal favorite fan-made spaceship designs. The second phase is my favorite, I’d gladly volunteer to fight that phase.

The first phase ain’t bad as well since an enemy that has a forcefield that can still move is still fun, but I guess it needs another attack for the first phase since the dual chain thingy seems kinda underwhelming.

Also, phase 3 might be incredibly challenging in the short-term, but once players figure out potential blindspots, it might be a piece of cake. Aka, it might end up like the Egg Cannonade’s third phase with it’s shotgun.

With that being said, the visuals of the example is actually pretty good.

I’d rate this idea 7.5/10, awesome design, good visuals, and an interesting second phase. Sadly let down by a somewhat underwhelming first phase and a potential repeat of the Egg Cannonade Shotgun problem with the third phase.


i appreciate that. you made my day.

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Yes, and the most worst thing, it makes you stuck between it’s laser like that space crab with the lasers, and maybe can’t be obtainable to survive i think, i do not say this idea shouldn’t be accepted tho

they are crazy as you can see, i don’t see that surviving it can’t be obtainable

this Gungeon is literally the same of mobile shooters games, these kind of bosses exists tho :neutral_face:

The phase 3 looks impossible ngl


Props for the effort. But I guess first phase has poor combination of attacks, unless you’re using bomber without jets.


Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade brother?
Phase 3 is nearly impossible

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Wdym? Phase 3 is easiest

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Phase 3 is RNG.

Tip: don’t shoot when ECCC is shotgunning

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