My Last Boss Idea. This idea is my Own idea so *sigh* here we go

  1. Name:The Ultimate Chickenaut!
    2.Look:A Giant Chicken Astronaut From CASA(Chicken Astro Space Academy) its helmet looks like a Helmet From NASA but with lights
  2. Health:7000
  3. Attacks: Fires 5 Solar Balls in all directions. Then moves around and Fires Chicknauts As a weapon. Finally its third attack it shakes and fires a Large Solar ball.
    5.Thats it Please like if this is a better idea

Its health is a bit too low for what’s supposed to be a boss. It matches the health of sarge chickens in Chapter 3 in CI2.


Why dont you increase it to 7800

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That’s hardly an improvement, and I can’t edit your posts.

Becauſe that is only an 11% increaſe. Try ſomething more along the lines of 50.000 - 150.000.

good idea…but maybe ONE more boss idea and thats it.