My impressions

So,after playing ciu for a few days,here are my thoughts about some of the changes compared to previous episodes:

  1. New mouse movement.
    Honestly,I’m not really bothered by it. It doesn’t affect my dodging too much,but it does make it somewhat harder to collect all those coins and food. Still,it’s pretty interesting,I suppose.
  2. New music.
    Even if there aren’t that many new soundtracks,the ones there are are pretty good.
  3. Difficulty.
    It is certainly higher than some of the previous ci games. Waves can get pretty interesting,but also unfair at times. Here’s an example:
    Skill levels also aren’t that good,but someone else explained it already,so I won’t bother with it.
  4. Interface.
    Seems very simple,and yet it looks kinda fitting for ciu,imo. I certainly can’t wait to see what will it look like in the end,if it gets changed.
  5. Pricing.
    Idk. One thing I certainly wonder is…why do different backgrounds cost different amount of keys,lol? Other than that,idk what else to say.
    Is there anything I missed? The rest of the game seems just fine,really. So,yeah,I’d say that the game is already fairly good.

Did you get normal levels that are harder than boss levels? I got them alot

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Well,yeah. Bosses are nearly always easier than regular waves lol


tfw you kill 12 chicks to have 15 chickenauts fly in… good times…


This waves are difficult difficult lemon difficult.