My Impressions. (Part One)

Sooooo. My impressions at Chicken Invaders Universe Early Access yesterday has been gone so far very challenging, funny, and interesting. Firstoff, there was problems, lemme explain (Those may be the same problems happening with others):

  1. The Big Chickens eggs are totally facing upside down. (i fought Chicken Multiplicity)
  2. That common internet problem, even if i’m playing in the Windowed option, and i can’t access the firewall!
  3. New problem. I’m stuck at the Login screen!

Secondoff, i’m gonna explain what i love that’s in the game:

  1. Music: The main menu music was outstanding and epic, whilst the rest looked far so good.
  2. Bosses: Those that returned is pretty goooood.
  3. Exploring the whole galaxy: That was interesting, especially with those graphics.

That’s all what i can say about this game! :smiley:

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