My idea on Retro

As you probably know that retro waves are pretty boring, same few waves on all of the missions. Not too distinct, and the same greenish overlay.
Therefore, I have an idea for a new wave and a new effect besides the green overlay.

This wave would be called: Retro Squad


The starting of the wave would consist of some basic retro invaders. (The count will depend on the difficulty.) This would make the wave most distinct. They would move towards the left and right periodically


Once the bottom two rows have been finished, the entire squad would move downwards by 2 rows and 2 new rows of invaders would come along. This new row would also be dependent on the difficulty. The more the difficulty, the more higher level of the existing retro invaders.


These new enemies can even come in a chess like pattern. For example, in a chess pattern, two diff enemies would exist.
These new enemies would shoot projectiles and the amount of projectiles they shoot will depend on the row. (1st new row would be slower, and 2nd would be a bit faster and so on.)

The process of new enemies would repeat 4 times max…


Besides the waves, there should be a new overlay. It would be like a VHS effect and the lines that usually occur on TVs This new VHS effect will only start from the last 5 waves if the diff is low, if it is above 90%, it will start from wave 1.
This VHS effect will get worse if you don’t kill enemies, killing enemies will decrease the VHS effect.
The effect will be reset on the completion of every wave.

What do you think of this? (Please vote)

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