My idea for ciu

Name : the combined chicken
What is it : it’s a combined chicken boss of all the past bosses it will take everything the players got to defeat it I think it’s a good idea hope it happens. Ps don’t know how to draw it so make a design of how you think it should be

How would that even work? Would it use every single attack that was used by every single boss,at the same time?

Yes when it fires it shoots lasers of all of the chicken bosses from before

soooooooooooooooo hard men

It would be very unoriginal. Can’t this just be realised in form of a boss rush?

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You know that there are about 50 bosses,right? If a boss used all of their attacks at once,how in the world would you dodge all of them?

There would be a little space for the player to hide and yeah I guess emerald play but it’s up to interaction studios not me

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No,there wouldn’t be any space. Again,there are almost 50 bosses in the game. If a boss used all of their attacks at the same time,that would be impossible to dodge

Well then I’m writing a new idea since none of you like it so frick that idea

If you can just try to send some picture of your ideas for more explanation