My idea collection- Waves

I can see a lot of people have started to create new waves so I thought I would join and introduce some of my waves too.
(I warn you, I have a sick imagination :roll_eyes:)

Chicken Molecule

The safe zone would be in the middle
Chickens form a power up shape and twirl like particles

Feathered Prison

Escape from a prison guarded by Chick laser gun, Chickenaut, and other helpers

A little cold in here

This wave took place only in frosty missions.
It is similar to the wave with asteroids, but there are two differences:

  • take shot them out with one shot
  • there are 2 times more of them than asteroids

Rotating table

robots alternate with food in the form of a half-table

chicken tree (genealogical)

Yes i admit this idea is really weird :sweat_smile:. It stayed in my head for quite a long time that I finally dared to create such a wave.
The field of danger would only be in the beginning as it rises out of the ground
then you can walk through it

where does the tree grow from? the answer is simple …


how do i know that


This could be named better to “Chicken Molecule”

how about replacing the tree with… Chickens that shapes a tree? perhaps that would make more sense than a tree being seen in space xd.


so much better

probably so :joy:. I will say that I took this idea with a tree from one wave from a cave with CI5

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