My First Impression - RedstonePixels

(Sorry if i make english mistakes,my native language is not english)

So when i boot up the game,i found whole new look,new ui,new music everything and that make me wanna save the world again. Then i see the a huge map so i was impressed by the possibility of waves and missions that can be done.I fly to the nearest planet and started my first mission and it was really good,no bugs,no connection lag.I was not expecting to fight a millitary chicken boss at wave 5.after the boss i found that it’s not the end of the mission,there are 5 more waves left and the next boss i encounter is the egg city,i was shocked that it’s my first mission and i already fighting a late game was a really good fight.The mission end and i got sent back to the map and i look around and found that i can see other players.i am impressed.i go to the another planet but this time it have multiply missions to play but all expect one is locked by tier levels.i played the unlocked level and just like my first mission it was really fun.i even get a fork gun from CI3. after the mission i warp to other star system.This star system have a space burger and a gas station so i go up to them and found that they are shops that you can buy and sell things.after that i play another mission that has 28 waves! but i found that some waves and bosses are repeating from previous missions and i haven’t found a whole new wave yet. i will continue to play now.

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