My design idea for the assassin chicken (repost)

My friend and I thought a long time ago about a good design for this enemy that would respect the idea of it being like a normal chick but with a subtle difference, I hope this design is good to be in the game and users like it. (This post is re-edited since I want to know your opinion about the design and before you couldn’t because the post I was in was closed, I hope I don’t break the rules to do this). [I delete the original post so as not to spam this]

assasin 1 (Without taking damage)

assasin 2 color (when damaged)

My friend art account: PocketWatchstudios - Student, Digital Artist | DeviantArt (He drawing my idea and I hope you can support it, this is not for the purpose of spam but to give you the recognition deserved by the drawings since it is not in the forum)


This would still require its own texture. The facial expression difference would probably be to small to notice. And we’ve recently made a differentiating change to the design anyway.


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