My current gripes with CIU

Last time I did a topic regarding the difficulty of CIU where many veterans gave me flak for nerfing the enemies. Back then I assumed that everyone was as unskilled as me. I have learned since but having said that Update 27 was my least favorite update so far. Here’s why:

  1. Lag slingshots your ship. I used to experience slingshots with by ship back in the earlier versions (I can’t remember them :slightly_frowning_face:). Then it got patched and the lag wouldn’t slingshot me. However with this update, my ships slingshot with lag once again. Whilst I haven’t died yet from this problem, I still have my concerns about my gameplay experience. I don’t want to fear crashing my ship into chickens just because of some lag.

  2. Although powerups and coins appear over enemies and particles, projectiles are still obscured by the things mentioned above. In my opinion, the projectiles should’ve also appeared over enemies, particles and even bonuses. The way that powerups overlay over the particles and enemies is not only jarring, it is not friendly towards the eye. There should be an outline or some type of particle surrounding the powerups that would differentiate them from the background entities and the same can be applied to my suggestion for projectile overlay.

With all of this being said, I still love CIU. I like the visuals and the greater variety of gameplay over the other CI games. The new powerup is pretty neat, the bombers look more aggressive with their red paint, its still a really fun game. And keep in mind that all of this is only my opinion altough others are open to share it. Thanks.

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Sorry, but this is really out of place. The stupid change with the powerups over the enemy explosion(also the image with the space crab I showed) is enough. I am not sure if The Egg Cannon does spawn powerups just like the Space Crab?

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How is it stupid that you’re finally able to see the powerup that you got for killing the boss so you can decide by yourself if it will help you defeat remaining bosses and waves?


He probably thinks it looks weird, and to be honest I kinda agree.
However, gameplay-wise, it is an improvement imo. One thing I would change, is I’d add a flare as the powerup/gift spawns instead of just having it pop into existence.


I did in fact suggest that there’d be some effect that would differentiate the powerups from the particles.

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  1. Where did you get this idea from? v.27 works exactly the same as previous versions.

  2. This is also inexplicable. Can you try turning off Options -> Controls -> Mouse -> Capture mouse and see if there is any difference?

  3. There will be a change associated with this in v.28: Powerups will only appear over enemies if spawned during their death.


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