My concern about microtransactions and how would affect CIU (in a nutshell)

Chicken Invaders Universe does not need an introduction here…
It’s MMO, it’s free and it’s fun for casual and dedicated players alike…

It has microtransaction shop selling “key coins” and one-time premium upgrade a.k.a. Chicken Hunter License, which can be gifted to someone if the player is willing to, in exchange of real money… the first of which makes me concerned about player’s progression overall…

Microtransactions may be a good business strategy for iA, but in some circumstances it can snowball to the point where the game company is too greedy to listen to fans of particular franchise (Chicken Invaders for example). Also, there are some groups of people in the world, that would rather progress through sacrificing their only allowance (so they can dominate) than experience it from bottom and reach to the top themselves.

I’m only worried that these “rich-but-lazy” people will come to “invade” the game and irreversibly shift game’s meta and affect the game’s rating

I’m not trying to criticize microtransactions, just telling you all what bothers me about CIU’s future

compared to many other games, the limitations chl has on a player’s progress is not as significant. in fact, you only get locked out of a few cosmetics, extremely difficult missions and buying some ships for cheaper prices, while the ads themselves aren’t really annoying and requirements to avoid account deletion can be easily ignored when you set up an email and play. imo, the only cases of people willing to pay would be to support the development of the game, rather than to gain an advantage over others who don’t.
i wish iA won’t turn the game into a money printer, but seeing how previous installments of ci are, that might likely be the case.

Yep, and that’s not what this topic is about at all.

Anyways, I don’t think it’s all that pay to win. Tho buying keys certainly does help when you play stuff like galactic cup or dare league which is a total key sink. You can obviously get back all the keys normally tho, just that buying them speeds up the process. But in general, I don’t think it’s a serious issue rn. But the aformentioned key sink challenges are a problem on their own, that’s for sure.


Even though they are rich and just purchase the very best equipment from the get go, they first need to have skill, if they want to beat the best players currently

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You read my mind.

Don’t mind me I’m just posting IA Studios statement on purchasable keys.

As for purchasable keys: They’re going to be a thing (unless some other magical way to make money appears, but don’t hold your breath). If you don’t like the prospect, stop playing now.
Why the Galactic Market needs to go - #42 by InterAction_studios

As for me I despise MTX even if they are just texture changes and I would gladly see players revolting against them in CIU but I know the opinions are different on that matter.

We already had them added back in april when the Steam EA version premiered and there weren’t many cases of players voicing their opinion - just few topics and reviews on steam.

Probably because CI doesn’t have that huge following. If it was bigger then maybe we would see something that happened with Battlefront 2 and lootboxes problem.

No kidding about skill. All the money in the world can’t buy talent. The best have Heart and work to be better. I purchased a CHL to do my part in supporting iA and the game. I have not purchased any keys because they can be earned. This is the challenge I play for, and to be better than the last time. Be well all…


I only bought CHL because It’s a way to support one of the best solo developer there is, And for the years of entertainment. It’s bonuses are not what you expect to be, they are QOL changes and extra content, like a DLC. DLC are not bad (unless we talking about a horse armor dlc type).

Keys are not that OP either. I know P2W is a term which has no certain definition. I think P2W as buyers exclusive feature that affect competitive missions. And the keys that you can buy don’t matter much as you are gonna surely burn them on a spacecraft.

And about player progresion, its dumb and unfinished. The tier requirements are only for low levels, after tier 50, only 49 more tiers to grind for your medal.


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