My Boss Idea "Paper Chicken"

Even such a paper chicken can be dangerous with its “sharp” skills

  1. throws out from its wings folding triangles (feathers)
  2. shoots modular stars that can be destroyed, but after shooting them down they decompose into 8 modular triangles (stars have the same hp as the weakest steel dial)

average boss, but it doesn’t have a difficulty appearance, for example +40%
and more sprites to add.
But it’s unique, so it’s ok

I understand. this project is more of a “prototype” as if such a boss could look like because I did it quickly (-_-) and had no idea what he looks like, especially his “original” skills.

The idea is so fitting
The concept is amazing
The attacks are unique

can i dm you for something?

Dude i admire your artstyle damn! Good idea tho

paper chicken should be added

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paper mario origami king


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