My Boss Idea For CIU


Name: Red Chicken Knight

Look: An big chicken with an helmet and an red shield instead of an vest

Health: 90000


1.Red Lightning

Fires 4 lightning bolts in 4 directions lasts 5 seconds

  1. Sword Throw

Throws an sword in player’s direction

  1. Red Bullets

Fires red bullets in all directions

Attack Pattern

Red Lightning< Red Bullets < Sword Throw < Red Bullets


On 20% 40% and 60% it drops an Atomic Powerup on 50% and 80% it drops an Present upon death it drops 10-13 Coins and An Atomic Powerup or an Present

Points upon killing


this is my first post hope you like it :smile:


Nice idea :smiley::+1: really good but maybe lower the health a little?


And if someone can please make an concept art i would be really thankful i tried 3 times it was a mess so i am a photoshop noob rly :smile:


It feels like a mix of the Military Chicken and the Super-Chick, in terms of attacks.