My Boss Idea "Abraca-Chicken"

there is already a superhero chicken, winter, party, military, rock, and even a darth vader so why not add some magician
1.throws several long ribbons from its wings (acts like a lightning bolt but a little slower)
2. an army of chickens that cannot be shot flies out of his hat
3. uses a wand to shoot a star towards the player (the last place he stood), which then explodes and shoot 8-10 eggs

i think you will like it :slight_smile:


It isn’t that original but your footage is way better than the others

amazing art and idea

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this new boss should be added

Added in v100 ( :medal_sports: idea)

I like that chicken art design.

WOW art is amazing
and I want this in game

Are you serious? :expressionless:

You know that he’s not.

Remind me to the Powerpuff Girls

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