My account is locked

Please tell me why my account was locked

The error told that your account had been banned.
Provide your callsign here and wait for iA’s response.

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This ban looks weird: It doesn’t even allow him to link his account. Usually the message only shows up when logging in to the universe

its not ban your account is deleted or you entering wrong email

You were banned for creating a joke/inappropriate translation.

You must wait until the ban expires on 30th Dec.


Oh god, that’s not good.

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I assume that was about CI2U translation again, or, before it: CI3U. But yeah, look, disruptors, better not trying to do the same as what this user did. You have been warned.

Thanks for giving me the advice
What date was my account banned?
At that time I had been offline for 2 months

You’ll return in 30th December in this year.

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Ah yes, there’s a names planets are translated wrong by Arabic someone who is translate that wrong way.

I wonder who (some guy arab).

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Xd people want to joke

No it’s true not joke

they are likely referring to this

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Don’t make translations as a joke, it makes big affect on game /game language/translation!

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