My account cannot loggin

Recently I was unable to play game (both in PC and android) because I was receiving this massage when I fly any mission :

I don’t know why this happens , even I have well internet .I can play any mission in guest account but I am unable to play mission by using my own account. Also It took long time to loggin .

Uh. Nothing happened at me, it logging me in as fine.

What is your in-game callsign? I can’t anyone named CI light :D YT


I think it was “spaceshiphacker” with some numbers.

Are you sure? I have spaceshiphacker12579 as one of my contacts, and their last login was over a year ago. The closest match I could find is --Light YT-- with various hearts.

I changed my callsign to :


i think quick connection disconnected auto.

But I can’t play any mission else pot luck .

spaceshiphacker12579 was my old account and I lost It forever , but this topic is about my new account.

Maybe the account is deleted or idk

Im still thinking abour the reson of my account got deleted

Why bro

The reason you can’t fly missions is that your flagship does not have a reactor, or engine, or weapon. Why is your account named “spaceshiphacker”? Did you try to… well, hack your spaceship?


Wow, there are lots of hackers in our game? :flushed:

it seems names are horrible.

There’s even a possible way to use an invalid spaceship without tampering? Wow.

No , I m not a hacker :smiley: . I can also use other names but I lost my many accounts and friends so I used this name again so that I can meet my old friends , so yeah I m not a hacker :slight_smile:

How this is possible ?? See this I am using an empty spaceship , maybe I should post it on me memes topic

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