Music that I'd like to see in missions

  • Lost in space and time (CI4)
  • main menu tracks from CI3-CI5
  • mission and main menu music from CI2 remastered
  • old CI2 main menu music

Do you think it’s a good idea? After some time the music becomes kinda “repetitive”. Also old CI2 music might be good for those planned “classic invaders” missions.


Good suggestion I would like to see CI5 main menu track too!

I refuse. This music is tied up with memories and if I heard it in other game I would be angry. Every new game should have new music so we can memorize it. In fact I have many games that I remember mainly because of epic music (Old CI2 music(credits and intro), Cactus Bruce(main menu theme), NFS U2(riders on the storm)) and if any other game would have this music it would suck. Right now CIU can have some of the music from older games, but just for the development stage so they don’t have to work on something not related to gameplay. I’m waiting for new music when Early Access ends.


Wait is ciu gonna have a full soundtrack? @InterAction_studios please say yes.

The lost in scape and… time soundtrack belongs in the retro galaxy! Dont make a wrong to put this song is CIU.

Or I want “Alan Walker - Faded” music

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Better will be a orchestral version Damage inc. from Metallica. It will sound raw, agressive and awesome for some special mission or boss.

Imagine if they did an orchestral version, it would be dope


Here’s something easier: Go to Audio Settings and set the music volume to mute while leaving sound volume to the level you prefer, and play whatever music you want in the background. There’s no need to load up the game with extra song files when you can listen to your music of choice from outside it if you get bored of repeatedly hearing only CI songs.


I really hope that the original soundtrack will be as close as possible to the CI3 music, which is amazing.
Take for example Mission 1 theme (they called it Mission 1 on the album version, and yes I did buy it).

For those who know little or nothing in music, the orchestration as you can clearly hear is diverse - sometimes the music is quieter, and sometimes it’s powerfuller, and also it’s somewhat thrilling…
(you can find it thrilling mostly on the orchestration part - 0:47 (pay attention to the brasses), 2:00 (pay attention to the horns and the sudden build up) and also the melody itself is thrilling…)

For the musicians here, please tell me what is the meter of the music, because it’s near impossible to count it right from the start. This is happening because the bass plays triplet - which is the ‘worst’ thing you can do to provide you the feel of the music. But, 2db didn’t think about what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ for the feel of the rhythm, they thought about what is interesting and beautiful. (Something that they have done only again on the egg cannon theme, which is marvelous!)
Also, the sounds are more midi-like, but also way more pleasent.

Generally this is called “muſicality”. Moſtly thoſe who don’t notice are tone-deaf/modern bands.

As far as the time-ſignature goes, it’s definitely in 4/4 (very well defined by the flute-percuſſion combo), although in the laſt few meaſures it’s ſyncopated.

The Egg Cannon theme have the worst final boss theme. The best final boss theme is on Henterprise the second one on The Yolk Star, but is so short only 1 minute. IMO Chicken Invaders 4 have the best mission music and CI5 the best boss music. And well CI3 have really amazing soundtrack on mission 1 and even more main theme, the other is meh. But for main themes i prefer CIU main theme. Also we need new boss and mission music.