Music Teaser

Everytime I want to buy a music theme, it’s always very hard to decide to choose which one because I don’t know how it is and I don’t have time to re-play all CI Episode
So, I decide to make a “Teaser” button that allow us to hear the first 15s (or maybe all) of all music
That will be easy to know this music is good or not.


Sometimes 15 seconds are not enough.


Then you got youtube because atleast you know how each song sounds like so you can diffirinciate them.
Edit: Actuallly why not

So can you tell me how CI3 music 1, 2, 3 sound like?

I know the music, but I can’t say how it sounds in text my guy. What’s your point? I agree with the fact you need a music sample.

This is a pretty good idea, in fact, there should be previews for a lot of other item types so players know what they’re purchasing without needing to research it or try it themselves.

I would say items that could be hard to figure out. Also things that can be demonstrated. How would you preview the parking bot? Give it to you for a while to try? They could just preview again and again to use that item. Obviously no upgrades and one item at a time, but still. Also a preview of something like the laser aimer would need to launch you directly into a mission or something.


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