Music/Soundtrack idea

They should bring back the music from the older games (like CI2 or CI3) BUT only on the last few stages and made to sound more modern and better, all as a tribute to the previous games. Kind of pointless, i know, but i think it could be pretty cool, and also, it would remind you of the good ol’ days you spent playing the older enteries :wink:

Well. I’m still against using old music. Explanation here: Music that I’d like to see in missions

I understand why, dont worry.

I just thought it would be cool for the sake of nostalgia, and paying homage

Yeah, but you can buy CI2 remastered on Steam and enable classic music. Also CI3 is there with it’s original music. There will be new Steam sale in February.

But why not have it here? Yeah, the music is THERE, but for the sake of convenience can’t we have it here too? It doesn’t destroy anything, the world won’t crumble. Would the music really destroy your memories? It can be optional, no one will force you to hear it. And btw I doubt they will delete the old music once they’re done, I mean, it wouldn’t be an option to pay for would it?

Are they gonna make full CIU soundtrack? We only have menu theme nothing else.