Music playlist

Okay, so I think no one have write this idea, how about add a music playlist on a mission.
So basically when you about to start a mission you could choose multiple song in one mission.
A mission with 4 stage
Music: 1. CI 3 soundtrack one,
2. CI 4 victory,
3. Boss CI 5,
4. CI 3 soundtrack one.
(They could be played randomly on option, and can be played more than one).

If the mission is boss rush then the music will be played based on the number of the boss on a mission.

And (maybe) add a new item called “music party” on the game

I hope you understand what am I talking about. If you have any question, or there’s something needed to change. Feel free to reply :slight_smile:


I love your idea.
This is my big problem.
@InterAction_studios please add this idea.

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Something like that was already suggested with some visualization here.


Actually, I think we should have buyable slots for the music, and to increase the maximum playlist capacity

@B256 I could add more: Previous and Next button, so that we can switch between music.

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Oh, I’m sorry then

I’m still hope this will be added soon.

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