Music looping instantly without the pause in between tracks

you know when you are playing and the music stops,but then there is that silence in between looping.
what if the music would just keep going without the pause? but not necessarily at the exact beginning of the song,at some part in the song that will fit would be good too.

even though not many people care about it,maybe almost nobody,but you know,it feels pretty awkward listening to…well,silence. (besides the sound effects of course but that is besides the point)
especially in the CI3 boss tracks that are pretty short

although it is not that much important,it would be nice if it just loops over and over without the pause,but not necessarily at the exact beginning,at some part in the song that would fit. (many games have this anyways so whatever)

after all,it is just an idea i had,not expecting it to become a thing that much,but if it happens,it will probably get the attention of a small group of people and that is pretty much it.

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Like in CI2 and Smileyville? It couldn’t be done very well with music that we have, but if new music is added, it could be like that.
With CI2 I mean the non-remastered version, because the remastered has different musics.
And with Smileyville I mean the current version. It loops like on CI2. Older versions were actually better. It had a beginning but it never stopped.

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