Multiplayer Trolling

Dear InterAction studios

I have recently filed a report on someone today , as I have mentioned in report , few users are that desperate to infiltrate in multiplayer by robbing someone else’s atom and gift then get hit purposely to waste powerups , stealing satellites then leave purposely to waste them unused , spamming in chat with words like “ALL MINE” and “LOL” or even a large text to spam copy & paste and block a chunk of view causes distraction , intentional movements in game that causes someone else’s death like pushing feathers into the opposite direction and messing up boss patterns like UCOs and Space Crabs , thus all need to take action because all these major examples I have mentioned just ruins other people’s gameplay experience in a game that meant to be cooperative , hopefully everyone acknowledge

Sincerely : BluBugattiRacer


You can easily kick them from the mission if they did it with you once

(And you can’t report everyone who do this even if you know or don’t know them


Just be aware that if you kick a player from your MP session, the “ban” only applies to that session. So, if you start up a new one, that person you punted out will be able to join your new session.

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Solution: Singleplayer.

Password Protected Lobbies

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Yeah that’s true I can kick trollers from my session or just play single player , but what I think they should do is to either add blacklisted feature that permanently bans the selected users from joining your sessions , or do some tweaking , like if someone leaves and they still have satellites , simply have these satellites floating around the screen instead of disappearing , when respawning upon hit , that player can’t collect powerups nor satellites to prevent abusing invincibility same with DPO , adding cooldown in chatting or even have “anti spamming” feature in chat , reduce gas & debris effect upon getting hit because few times I died by someone else got hit nearby causing me to be blindfolded then get hit , so what do you think of these ideas?

then the password is the best choice you can add specific people you know them and they don’t troll

or just kick or ban them from the mission every time they come

Yeah ig so , I am just hoping for an update for multiplayer tweaks

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