Multiplayer Problem

First of all I wanna say that this Part of CI is awesome
Second, I want to play with a Friend on the Same network in the Same house
But we can’t, When I try to join him, It just says “Establishing Route” and it freezes on there which is Annoying, So please if u can help reply to this


It’s called Wireless Isolation, and it’s a feature wireless routers have which, when active, prevents different computers connected to the same wireless network, from connecting to each other to prevent unwanted hacking.

Ok, So pls is there any way I can Fix that? It’s annoying how we just want to play with each other but we can’t :frowning:

There’s nothing you can do from within the game itself. Your best bet is to look at your router settings.

Are both your computers connected wirelessly? Or does one use a LAN cable?


Checked my Router, There was an option “Ap Isolater” Unchecked the box and tried again with the game, Same problem
And yes, We both are connected wirelessly

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