Multiplayer menu rework

So we all know and love the multiplayer menu that we have right now, it’s simple, effective and works the way intended.
Still, I’d like to give some ideas on how to improve it further, and the image below is what I have in mind:

It might look overwhelming, and if so, it can be used as some sort of advanced mode.

First, we gotta have a way of knowing exactly what we’re playing, so might as well put the mission name underneath the player’s name, and the ‘current wave’ somewhere else as seen in the picture above.

Next, make the password protected games visible, but have something like a lock icon next to them as an indicator that a password is needed to join.

As for full games, make them selectable, and when selected the ‘Join Mission’ button would change to ‘Join When Available’, so you can join as soon as another player leaves.

The list can sometimes get too long, and for that some filtering options might be necessary (Like hide password protected games, contact only games, full games, by ping, or even by mission type…).

Also, I think it might be necessary to be able to sort the list, so a sort button might be a good idea (List can be sorted by: Difficulty, duration, player count, ping…).

And why not add a search box as well? (Search for player names, mission names, wave names…)

What do you think, and why?
  • Implement this immediately
  • It’s good, for an ‘Advanced Options’ menu
  • Some of the ideas are good
  • It’s bad, the current menu is perfect and shouldn’t be changed
  • Amogus

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Impressive, nice idea :smiley:

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i love how people are choosing AMOGUS


Why amogus, after all ? :))

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Limit by latency is actually great, this will help us to find less laggy games


Sorting and filtering sounds nice, though unlikely to be used as there are not many games anyway. I don’t see the point of showing password protected games, neither the name of the wave. “Join when available” is straight unfair because someone might get disconnected due to a network issue but in this case he won’t even have a chance to rejoin.

Latency sorting is a problem too, because ping is jumping here and there all the time.


Good point, unfortunately i have your ip addr- ahem I mean yea tbh there’s not much use filtering games since there aren’t that many (for the time being that is), however later on when the game gets big enough, scrolling through hundreds of games won’t be fun so here’s that.
As for showing the current wave, I thought having more info would be better, since I find myself questioning what wave a server’s on before joining.
About ‘Join When Available’, to some extent it would be unfair, or more accurately ‘equally unfair’, like if someone leaves a server and 6 other people are trying to join, he certainly won’t be able to join back, and for the 6 other players or however many, It’ll be a race of who spams refresh and join faster, that’s why I thought it’d be reasonable to have, since it gives equal chance for those trying to join, and it’s a public game, anyone can join and leave.
And about sorting by latency, it can be easily achieved by getting an average of the ping in a certain timeframe, and not with a singular value, so it should work.
tbh most of what I mentioned can be found in other multiplayer games like half life deathmatch or TF2, so I thought it’d be nice to have those features here as well.
thx for the opinion tho.

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Yooooooo this actually a good idea bro

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Actually the difficulty with latency sorting is that each guest has to talk to all hosts in order to calculate latencies. Which creates O(n2) communication and is complicated (because everyone needs to talk through firewalls). Also, it could potentially create a lot of “spam” traffic to hosts that you never have any intention of joining. That’s why latency is only calculated just before you’re about to join a host.

It’s far from ideal, but it’s the best approach given the circumstances.


Haven’t taken that into consideration, since I’ve seen this feature in many other games, I assumed it’s easier than that…
But still, from what you said, does it mean that constantly clicking on a game lags it? cuz that might be a problem…
More importantly tho, what do u think about the other additions I mentioned, any chance seeing them in the game?

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