Multiplayer Frenzy mode?

I know, I know multiplayer mode has already been requested. Firstly I just wanted to know if the devs have changed their mind about it? I read from an old post that it wasn’t even planned last year?

So how is it now? Do devs still plan on implementing it? I received a steam comment on my post that “some groundwork for multiplayer mode was added in v.88”

Anyway, onto the main question at hand. I’m aware the 3rd game allows for online multiplayer and I believe the 4th and 5th games allow up to 4 players when online. The multiplayer idea I have for Universe is like an 8 player mode. Would be chotic, but definately fun.

If you want to limit the gamemode, you could allow up to 4 players in standard accounts, but the ones with Chicken Hunter License being able to join lobbies with 4 - 8 players. Maybe 10 or 12 players? Idk, the more the merrier lol. If you’re concerned about it being too hard to discern which spaceship you are, you could just zoom out the stage entirely and add like a glow around the spaceship, an icon, or the user’s callsign under it.

Teams would also be interesting. For instance 4 players in red team, 4 in blue team. The team that kills the most chickens/ does more boss damage/ collects the most amount of coins, keys or food wins. Dying makes you lose points, etc. Anyway, that’s it.


Current multiplayer groundwork stuff is the base of some kind of “emergency feature” to keep players interested in the game while iA take some rest, solve their stuff, come up with workflow or whatever game developers do. Even though the multiplayer was said to be added after the full game release, the situation kinda changed (at least because early access wasn’t meant to last that long) while the solution which doesn’t include an expensive server was found.

More than 4 players in the same game session clutters the screen and it becomes troublesome to find yourself in this mess. If we go up to 10 or higher, the game starts slowing down due to big amount of objects on the screen at once. Henterprise with 14 people made my game drop to 6 FPS at some moment even though I have a nice pc which handles regular stuff just fine. And the more people there are in the game session, the more data should be sent to keep everything in sync. Yes, it would be fun but not interesting at the same time.


Yeah. I understand, what if we could host our own servers somehow? It works with minecraft, doesnt it?

I mean, maybe if we paid for a membership or something to make it work?

hosting a large server might require chl, but for small ones, people should be open to do so

adding a tier requirement can also work

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but when it ends if multiplayer was added then it would be atleast 2 players

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