Multiplayer etiquette

I’ve just come up with this idea. I created this topic for you all to share the etiquette you wished other players knew and invent some new manners you found good. I hope this topic will have positive impacts on players’ behaviors in the long run.

P/S: You can skip some very-very-very-basic rules like no cheating or respect each other etc. I want this topic to focus on more subtle practices. All constructive ideas are welcomed and might be summed up later.


lets see: If you joined with nothing equipped, you cannot get firepower unless everyone else has had more than enough.


And in contrast, you shouldn’t take more firepowers when you already reached max power (it’s depend on spacecraft, might be as low as 8 for H&C101 or VF-76 or as high as 28 for BX-9). Anyway, you can still take more in advance if there are currently excess firepowers for everyone. Know your power limit and how many firepowers each one should have at the moment.

Firepowers should be properly shared to “loyal teammates” who play as well as you and are likely to stay long in your game (if they quit they will lost all the firepowers they collected and start again with entrance power).

If you join with 1 life or not confident with your skills, leave the firepowers for the host or other better players to carry the team. If you die and your power got nerfed so extremely, simply rejoin. You can fly away from the atomic to tell others that you don’t need it.

There is an important thing to keep in mind: Powers and satelites drop rate does increasing significantly in multiplayer depend on how many players are currently in the game, so technically there will be sufficient powers for everyone. If drops are splitted properly, no one is stealing what you thought to be deserved to belong to you.


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