Multiplayer Chat Ideas (Ignore and Filter)

Hello, my name is Starbrockle from CIU (Star is my nickname)! I’d like to share a few ideas to improve the game regarding the multiplayer chat section:

First of all, we are thankful that the ‘‘Kick Player’’ button is an option when the host of a multiplayer mission wants to kick a player out (either for inappropriate behaviour, trolling or being annoying, etc.). However, I realized that there is still one issue living: in multiplayer missions you are not the host of, some hosts would not kick out players that bother others (either because those hosts do not agree, do not care, or they prefer to keep everyone during the missions for ‘‘maximum efficiency’’). Therefore, people can still be bothered by others with annoying/inappropriate chat behaviour. That also leads some people to intentionally leave the multiplayer missions because ‘‘they cannot take it any longer’’ with those others.

That’s why I came up with an idea: a ‘‘Block Player’’ system. According to my idea, this ‘‘Block Player’’ system comes with a button that would be found when clicking on someone’s username in your contacts list (or by finding their username in the search text box), or checking their stats with the ‘‘Compare’’ button. Once you click the button, it would immediately add the specific player to your block list. And when you play multiplayer missions with that same blocked player, you would not be able to see anything they say in the chat. Pretty useful when you join a multiplayer mission with someone that bothers you with annoying/inappropriate chat behaviour, while the host (which is not yourself) doesn’t do anything about it.

Note that blocking a player will prevent you to add them in your contacts list/squadrons, or gift them, considering the fact that ‘‘Blocked’’ is the opposite of ‘‘Friended’’ in this case. If someone is in your contacts list/squadrons when you block them, they will automatically be removed from those.

Second, there should be a chat filter option added to the ‘‘Options’’ section of the game. That option would allow players to have ‘‘strong language’’ from other players’ chat censored. Of course, everyone can still use strong language, but the strong words would be censored with stars or hashtags on the screen for the player who activated the chat filter option.

Why am I suggesting this second idea, despite its complexity (a lot of languages including English, people attempting to avoid chat censor)? Well, here’s why: you never know how young is someone you play with. They might be 10 years old, maybe even 8, and their parents don’t want them being exposed to strong language, or using it. Not to mention other people who are sensitive to strong language and toxicity.

Let me know about your thoughts! Thank you!



The blocking idea is nice but the chat filter one was denied by @InterAction_studios

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I understand. I guess it’s because the chat filter idea is too complex, not to mention the freedom of speech?

Not really, it was because of players can still circumvent around the system and swear like normal
For example: They will say “F U C K” instead of just “fuck”


Sounds like a good idea boss!

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if it had an effective chat filter it would just end up like roblox


Still, there are so many ways to exploit the filter so I think I.A had chosen the right option

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I already suggested the blocking idea

The filter one ia denied it

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No, thanks.

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Yeah wth

Roblox filter is a mess

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