Multiplayer bug

Me and my friend @KayT found a bug (or we think it is one) where you can play on multiplayer without having the game over screen run when we both died. Here are some image I take for references:

As you can see, this can be an exploit for farming as you still can collect food even when you are already dead and I don’t think this is healthy way to play the game.

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That isn’t a bug but , after you don’t have any life you can’t get more scores or keys (It isn’t a bug , too).
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It’s a feature. You turn to a “zombie”


Thanks for the warm welcome. About the topic, I think if both players (include the room owner) died so the game should be consider over right? Like in CI3/4/5, if all players died the game end so I think it would make sense to stop the mission there. Just giving ideas here.


I like this better personally, you can still keep playing without having to restart all over. You gain nothing anyways, so it’s not exploitable.


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