Multi Boss Battles

This is similar to the “Brothers Reunited” Boss Fight, but this time it’s with different bosses, i.e. The Henterprise and Egg Cannon. I am not sure if the game, or the player, can handle 3-4 bosses at the same time, But it would be fun battling the 3 big ships (Yolk-Star™, The Egg Cannon and The Henterprise) at the same time.

Now that I think about it I think it’ll be a pile of clutter and potato PCs might get fried.


It was suggested before, don’t know if it will be implemented.

Oh I didn’t notice it. It would be really fun though battling bosses at the same time rather than 1on1

A Yolk Star™ and U.C.O duo would be really cursed.


Yolk-Star™ + U.C.O = Begone extra life

Terminator U.C.Os during the fight

Terminator U.C.O’s that fire these instead of eggs, magenta ion blasts and green lasers: ( credit goes to EmeraldPlay)



Please don’t

If it were implemented, there would probably be limits to prevent stuff like THAT from happening.

The joke is pretty obvious by now.

Yeah, I just realized this now, but how are you able to hit both the Egg Cannon and The Henterprise if they appear at different ends of the screen

Believe it or not, you can actually zoom out further than 300%, the zoom level for the Egg Cannon fight. You can zoom out all the way to 800%, more than enough space to fit the Egg Cannon and the Henterprise on one side.

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800% wouldn’t be a good thing on phones.

This whole idea isn’t really that serious of a suggestion I assume. But I do agree on your point.

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Zoom levels aren’t really limited in any way

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New boss : The Feather, bigger than you ever think

This is bonkers! Look at the size of those feathers. If they got those feathers from a chicken, Imagine just how absurdly large it would be!

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The real BIG CHICKEN number 2… Uh whatever it is

I can imagine how the boss fight would be, giant chicken in the background and you fighting each body parts.

Feathers get scaled accordingly to the zoom level, so they can be as large as you want.
Here’s another pic

Perhaps I should make a video on all the weird things that happen with custom zoom levels…


Please do.