Muller Changes

Since Muller families are deleveries ships. I might have come to an idea while I am at school. For once, they should have a trait like VF and BX families, and so that comes to my attention about them having a trait called “Food Collector”. Basically, the ship will have an invisible-blue circle like magnet covering around the ship that collects the food nearby them. The better the Muller ship is, the bigger the magnet range is and the more food it’ll collect. In addition to the food collecting, it’ll also applies 20% more keys earned from selling food and reduce 20% price for all souvenirs bought from the Space Burgers, this trait is share to all Muller families. What do you guys think? Was this too simple or there anything else you can actually suggest? Comment below for it tbh.

appetite attractors

price insight

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basically both of them, but permanent and free

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